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The metro opened in 1935. Many entrance buildings are just as architecturally spectacular as the stations below. Some stations are very deep and have been planned to serve as bunkers in case of war.

Photo [metro.ru]: Entrance building of Arbatskaya station on the first metro stretch from 1935.

Moscow's metro stations are a heritage of the socialist regime, originally intended to be 'palaces for the people'. With their marble-clad walls, chandelier lighting, and other precious interior, many indeed resemble palaces or cathedrals [metro.ru], [metrowalks.ru], [beeflowers].

Photo [cla.purdue.edu]: Central part of the platform of Komsomolskaya station built in 1952 on the circle line.

Many sculptures, reliefs and murals are found in the stations [metrosoyuza.net]. Besides Moscow, many metro stations in other cities of the former Soviet Union are of similar grandeur. However, the ones in Moscow are the most numerous and the most spectacular.

Photo: The platform of Kropotkinskaya station built in 1935.



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