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New York

New York

Since the subway system was inaugurated in 1904, stations have been decorated with ornamented station name plates and signs. These ceramic wall decors come in a great variety and are found in abundance in almost all underground stations [Stookey, see Reference].

Photo [nycsubway.org]: One of the name tablets from 1904 at 42nd St/Times Square station.

New York's subway system became somewhat neglected in the following decades, but recently, the 'Arts for Transit' program, founded in 1985, helped to remove the dreariness of the 1980s. The system now hosts more than 150 modern works of site-specific public art [tfaoi.com], [nycsubway.org], [mta.info], [steelcase.com (PDF)].

Photo [tomostudio.com]: Some of the many humourous bronze sculptures from 2002 by Tom Otterness in 14th Street station.



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